Divan Storage Options

All our beds with deep divan bases are available with a range of drawers and storage options.   Bed storage is an idea way of using what would be wasted space perfect for storing bed linen, bedding, pillows and sheets.divan-base-options

Single divan bases have the option of one large drawer, a sliding door, known as a slidestore divan base, or most commonly, 2 drawers. As headboard bolts can be fixed at either end of the divan bed, the drawers can open on the right or left hand size.

Standard double divan bases (4’6”) and king size divan bases (5’0”) are available with the largest choice of storage drawers.

The options are one big end drawer, 2 drawers which are located at the foot end of the bed, 3 drawers where two drawers are located at the headboard end of the divan bed and one end drawer and two 4 drawer storage options. 4 large storage drawers is the most common option.

Continental drawers or 2+2 drawers have two small drawers located at the headboard end of the divan bed. This enables drawer to be opened around bedside cabinets and two large drawers at the foot end of the bed.

Ottoman storage is available as an option for some products instead of drawers.

Not all of our divan bed suppliers offer all the above options.

The combinations available are listed on the product page for each divan bed.